Dermatoglyphics test, the amazing report
that creates financial resources

Recently dermatoglyphics have become a blue ocean focus. Not only it allows educators to possess a unique selling proposition, it also creates a new revenue generating service. Besides, it assists entrepreneurs to break free of geographic and regional limitations in conventional business models, allowing you to establish national testing centers with “zero” capital. Until now, there has been numerous kindergarten headmasters and headmistresses, tuition center owners, music school principals who joined us as agents. They sailed through smoothly with about RM10,000 additional income per month. On the other hand, independent entrepreneurs can earn a monthly income exceeding RM7,000 per month. This truly is a life changing business.

Malaysia’s top ten hottest careers – dermatoglyphics education

GeneCode has acquired co-operations from more than 13 domestic and foreign banks to waive the immense capital required for starting up businesses. Together with our new market strategies, it can be said that this is a “zero” capital business. The support of these numerous banks has become a form of trust in our venture. This also proves that these financial experts have favoured GeneCode’s unique market prospect.


Dermatoglyphics education can be applied in these three major areas:

Childhood education
Children are hopes and futures of their parents. With regards to Chinese tradition, education is the most crucial component in life. Therefore, children’s education usually takes up the lion’s share in family investments.

Adult education
The society is evolving to become increasingly competitive and undergraduates need to identify the most suitable courses for optimal development. This will help consolidate the career paths during their tertiary education years and obtain major advantage even before the start of the race.

Corporate education
The human asset is the most important resource in the corporate world. Dermatoglyphics testing will accurately determine the right person for the right job. Hence, it is an invaluable tool for company restructuring and recruitment.

• Low startup capital

• Enjoy social and economic benefits brought in
  by world-renown education brands. Opportunity
  to establish a career with huge risk reductions.

• Enjoy world-class training sessions conducted
  by practitioners certified by members of the
  American Dermatoglyphics Association.

• Successfully trained 398 dermatoglyphics
  practitioners, with most of them enjoying a
  five-figure monthly income.

• Held more than 90 batches of professional
  dermatoglyphics training sessions within 2
  years, with more than 800 applicants.

• Held more than 150 dermatoglyphics-related
  events. Frequently invited to deliver talks in
  secondary and primary schools, corporate
  communities and education centers.